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Hey there. I write gay fanfiction about band members(mainly kellic. Some others) You can find them HERE or check the tkutvfics tag on the app. I really love bands okay. Need help/advice or friendship? Go HERE. Plz read faq before sending asks :) That's all you need to know. xxx

Also, I have a gay porn blog called Higgityjiggityjoo

I agree with the other anon, like a quick summary.

The only reason I don’t tell you guys exactly what my next stories planned will be is because I have done that before and legit a few days later a fic with the same idea will appear in the tag, so that’s why I like to keep it to myself.

But Uuuh I guess I can say that in October I’ll be writing a 10 chapter kellic fic for Halloween. Spoopy.

ya i feel ya i just wanna know like the main idea not like all details :00

Let’s keep it a surprise. :P ;)

"Hey what's this blue t on your phone?" "Just tumblr mom" "What's that?" "Just a thing for pics and gifs" "Oh, can I see?" "NO." "😳 why not?" "Cuz I have a lot of gay porn on there" OMG Sarah the look on my moms face was pure horror and shock and a hint of disgust and I'm dying so hard right now 😂😂😂😂😂

Lmao at least you told her the truth

im scared to talk to you i dont want to annoy you :,(

Shh shh you won’t annoy me. I’m not that scary

really?? do you have any you could maybe share? like main ideas kind of? (:

Whyyyy? They’re all stories I’m gonna write eventually ya feel me? :)

do u have any other ideas for kellic fanfics?


sarah hey!! do you guys call soccer football or soccer in australia??

Soccer is soccer.

Ive gotten so use to looking through your blog every day that i do it subconsciously. Like i just looked at your blog about five minutes ago, and then i got back on tumblr and the first thing i do is look at your blog. I dont even think about it. Even if its not time for you to be awake yet, i still look every. Single. Time.

That’s so cute ily ❤️❤️

Do you like lana del rey

I don’t really know many of her songs so idk.

im scared kellin is gonna be dumped :c

Why is that?




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