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Hey there. I write gay fanfiction about band members(mainly kellic. Some others) You can find them HERE or check the tkutvfics tag on the app. I really love bands okay. Need help/advice or friendship? Go HERE. Plz read faq before sending asks :) That's all you need to know. xxx

Also, I have a gay porn blog called Higgityjiggityjoo

Are you over 18 years old? Not to sound creep o-0 I'm just wondering. xD


1000 Paper Cuts- Chapter 5


I had been in this place for about one week now. Not much had changed with my thoughts and ideas. I still wanted to leave this world, however the suicidal thoughts were a little less intense as time went on. Perhaps this place was just making me numb to it. It was kind of like an out of sight out of mind kind of deal. I didn’t have to deal with my problems on the outside world, so in here it was almost like they didn’t exist, even though I knew full well that they did.

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So how big is peter? Is he one of the small harmless spiders or a huge terrifing one

He’s little

PETER PARKER OMFG THERES NO BETTER NAME FOR A SPIder FRIEND. I have arachnophobia but i still find yours and peters relationship very awesome.

haha, I say hello to him every time I walk into my room and goodbye every time I leave. It’s kind of weird but yeah

I love how your so causal about a potentially venomous spider living above your bedroom door. Oh you know he could kill me will one bite his names peter he likes long walks on the beach and pizza

He’s not venomous. He’s chill. He’s Peter, like Peter Parker, your FRIENDLY neighbourhood spiderman.


CALM DOWN. haha. I’m still writing. I’m almost done writing though, then proof reading takes a little while. Maybe give me an hour.

Do you know which bugs are/aren't poisonous in Australia or do you just avoid all of them?

I generally avoid them all, poisonous or not. Honestly I can’t handle bugs. My dad chases me around the house with crickets all the time and I scream like I’m being murdered. Although I do have a spider friend living in my house right now. It lives just above the outside of my bedroom door. it’s just been chilling there for months minding his own business. His name is Peter.

Hayley Williams being ridiculously cute on Talking Dead


i find it so awkward talking to people my age because they all tell me stories about boys and parties and drinking and going out til 1am and im sitting here in purple owl pyjamas, with pig bed socks on crying because two men who may or may not be gay did something cute in a fanfiction im reading

Have you ever seen a cassowary?


Sarah I don't know what to do, I just started high school. And my Friend just told me that she's dating this girl she met 3 DAYS AGO! And not to mention I already dislike this girl and my friend is actually my ex and I'm not jealous I just don't like it cause they met 3 fucking days ago.. I told her I'm happy for her and if I tell her it's stupid they just met she'll get mad and when she told me I said that I told her that they just met and she was like 'yeah ik' what do i do?

Just let it play out. If it is just some silly relationship started after a couple of days then chances are it won’t really work. I mean, you JUST started high school and you guys are pretty young, and no offence to relationships involving young people, but commonly they don’t tend to last very long. Just wait it out.

At first with 1pc I skim-read the first chapter and decided it wasn't the story for me because I just don't like that genre of story but today I read all the chapter you had posted so far and you completely changed my mind about reading it, I have to say your stories are hella rad though.

oh that’s great! Thanks for changing your mind :) <3

"I am a PROfessional fall-back-asleeper. Seriously" x
"I am a PROfessional fall-back-asleeper. Seriously" x
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